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September 21, 2016  •  3 Comments

I am happy to share with you all I recently got an opportunity to participate in a group art exhibition "Emulsion" at Indore. In this blog I am going to share with you all my personal experience in this event. This art exhibition was displaying work of seven photographers & four sculptors. This was organised at “Canarys Art Gallery” Indore. The event was inaugurated at 5:30 pm on 16th September 2016 & was open up to 20th September.

Details of participant & event is as given below:


Image 1 : Invitation for the event & Participants

Before Event

After a long break of almost 3 years I participated in a group art exhibition “Emulsion” an art exhibition by photographers & sculptors. I find  the process of preparing, getting prints, mounting framing work, displaying it a bit hectic. After the exhibition storing & maintaining the work also seems to be challenging, so I am quiet reluctant for participating in the exhibitions. The reason for this might be being unfriendly with the overall process because I started photography with digital camera (started working after 2006) & mostly share my work online like on my websites, Facebook & photo sharing sites.

My photography work was almost halted from about a year except few clicks once in a while. As interest in shooting get drops, it’s difficult to start over. During such phase one thing can be done is start clicking, participate in art related activities, visiting exhibitions or simply keep exploring work of whom you follow. But instead I do find myself avoiding all these activities, more on that not visiting Facebook & other photo sharing sites. The reason for getting work stuck is mostly due to time constraints because of busy schedules & only keep thinking on ideas without attempting for execution. I do believe for such phase no valid reason is required, though for taking a fresh start requires a many.

However when I somehow started I was getting in tune with my style of work & started enjoying that. This exhibition was planned on a very short notice so I was again a bit hesitant on participating but the initiative taken by senior photographer Mr. Tanveer Farooqui ji with responsibility of taking care of the reasons mentioned earlier for not participating, left only work of selecting & preparing the files for printing. This also happened for my last exhibition “Photon” in 2013 with similar help by senior photographer Mr. Upendra Upadhya ji. So I simply accepted it because I thought it can add further momentum to my photography work. This time I was certain about displaying my latest work of macro shots, captured in last few months.

I am working on everyday subjects from few years because of my comfort level with it and important reason is I do enjoy the process of discovering beauty in these everyday subjects. I will like to continue on that subject, hoping in future long breaks will be restricted.

About the Display

Subject of Displayed Work : Beauty in leaves.  

Sequence_2Img1 Beauty In LeavesMy 10 displayed images in this exhibition.

Image 2 : My Ten displayed images in the exhibition

About The Theme : Flowers are beautiful, undoubtedly but it doesn't mean leaves are not ! This is a little attempt to focus your attention on the beauty of leaves. I believe pearls get conceived by oyster when it receives a drop of rain or dew, but I have experienced glittering them no less than a pearl on the leaves. I have observed contour of butterflies, stars even the pure sound of "OM" in these leaves & tried to capture, present it within my limits.

Displayed Image

From last few exhibition I am following an exercise of making small thumbnails of the images to be displayed so that I can finalise the arrangement for final display. This saves lot of time during installation in gallery. It also avoids confusion on arrangement at last moment. I finalised ten images to be mounted on a same wall in two rows, because I like the way they all were complementing to each other.

During The Event

I was participating with some renowned photographers from Indore & I took it as learning experience. Though lot of tutorials discussing about technicalities in photography are abundant on internet & books, very less can be discovered on the topic of exploring on aesthetics. This can be gained by having discussions with the senior artist, photographers, painters by understanding the their thought process on displayed art. This also enriched me by observing the layers of response from a common man to a senior artist on displayed art.



kk Event Images with Shriram Jog ji, Hemshankar Pathal ji & kirti pandya (Photo Courtesy Balwant Chouhan)

The important aspect was getting interaction with the participants, artists from other fields & friends. I do like to get review about my work especially from painters because I work mostly on shapes, patterns & colours. I am happy to say I got very positive response as well as interesting observations and suggestions.

Slideshow : Images from the event (Photo Courtesy Tanveer Farooqui ji & Balwant Chouhan)

The interesting highlight of the event was getting familiar with an renowned theater artist Mr. Shriram Jog ji. Coincidentally I witnessed his great artistic skill in a Marathi drama “Kahi Teri Kara Re” at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.  Another highlight was the visit of owner of “Vaibhav Nursery” Kirti Pandya at the gallery. I have been shooting at his nursery from about 8 to 9 years as desired with his kind support. After going through the displayed images, his acceptance about finding a refreshing eye for seeing towards these plants was very touching. The peak of the event was discussion with senior photographer Mr. Hemshankar Pathak ji. His minute observations, fine composition improvements, appreciation as refreshing work & discussion about photoshop hype for processing images was very special.

A Note about hype of processing using photoshop

I also found most of viewers were thinking too much on how the effect was achieved? On which media & where it was printed? How much was the role of photoshop for getting final effect? How much it was edited?  In fact earlier I was also thinking on same lines but I dropped that practice. I believe for getting desired effect & feel using whatever tools available, requires the vision of an artist. Then why to bind him with any restrictions? If one is not shooting for scientific documentation then he should be free to treat on subject as he desire.  The treatment to be kept in limit without loosing the natural beauty of subject. For me when I see others work I just ask myself whether it's working for me or not, irrespective of the method by which the result has been achieved.

I totally respect, being as human the curiosity of understanding the process but find totally unconvincing to judge only on the basis of processing. It should also to be noted that earlier with film camera the processing was being done in darkroom for achieving the desired effect by an photographer.

For me the edit word in photography is very vague. When anyone asks or say “Edit kiya hein kya?“ it seems he is already convinced that anything can be done by processing tools which automatically takes care of turning a bad photograph into extraordinary image. Instead I see these tools as taking beautiful images to next level. Edit process can be subdivided into

Basic           : Adjustment brightness, contrast, colors, cropping & rotation.

Advanced   : Adjustment by basic editing + cloning small areas, dodging, burning etc.

Creative     : Advanced editing + merging different images, adding elements not present in original frame.

For my style of photographs mostly basic or advanced editing is sufficient. Anyway this topic is never ending being a bit subjective. I also think sometimes due to overuse of processing  (leading to unnatural look), the processing tools have lost a bit respect.

My kind advice to novice photographers is try to understand the perspective of an artist instead of focusing more on technical queries at such event, will be more helpful for them.


The event timing was 3 to 8 pm & I was eager not to miss a single feedback so I did tried to be at the gallery as much possible. I was fortunate to get interesting feedback about printing results on canvas vs paper, fine composition improvements in displayed images, compliments about color schemes, plant information from visitors was really interesting.

I will also like to thank all the participant especially seniors for providing me platform to display my work along with them.  I also solicit their suggestions & guidance throughout the event. It’s impossible to mention each & every detail because it was almost five days event. I sincerely thank to everyone for their kind suggestions as well as appreciation of the displayed work. I am sure this participation will keep me inspired for continuing my photography work.

Since this event was planned on very short notice, it is quiet possible I was not able to invite many of you. We tried our best to invite through Facebook, Whatsapp, mails & messages mostly. In such case I request to forgive me considering it as human mistake. I also like to express my gratitude towards all friends, followers & guests for sharing their valuable time with us & encouraging feedback. I will also like to mention those who were not able to attend this event, I totally respect their personal reasons. I am already overwhelmed by the response & hope they will keep showering their love & affection to my work.


Wow! Congratulations sir. You make us proud of you. I really appreciated your work. You will join more exhibition like this and share with those moments with us at the world's best and cheap rate web hosting service. Good luck.
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it was quite instructional to me thank you for this blog
Blogs are not just for socializing with others but it can also give us useful information like this. Just like me, I’m a new blogger and this article gave me lots of ideas on how to start blogging to a site or posts.
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