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Did faces talk ?
Sharing collection of portraits most of them are old & some new. Most of the shots are straight from street, taken in natural light & cropped showing only faces. It will be difficult for me to define in single line why I captured it? In some I might have liked the character, in some his/her expressions or something beyond words.
The interesting part is that though most of the shots are of strangers when I go through each of it I can still recall my small interaction with the person. I can still feel the warmth of those moments I just live those moments again..that's really interesting aspect of photography :)
That's my Hat !Old Man with Big GlassesIntenseHappy Masai BoySmileShepherd boyMr. NeemaWorkers PortaitIncisiveThe SmokerSmileSubhiMansiThe Curious EyesIntenseManassads h yFlower Seller GirlShy