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Collection of shots captured during street photography on the streets of Indore.
Sari in swingAm I Trapped ?Innocent KidChitChatSome people prefer to have nap at the krishnapura chatri  in Indore.​ It's strange though this place is in the center area of city still has a enough calm ambiance to take a rest like this.Footwear of male & female against traditional shown on antique sculpture.I found this interesting wallboard of Bollywood celebrities. It's rare you will not find your favorite in this collage of legends.Street shot on laxmi road,Pune,India.Security guard in front of big poster. Taken at  shopping mall.A street jewellery shop seller with interesting T-shirt from the famous market at Tulishibag,Pune.Well they all were busy in observing the traffic police taking action against rule violators.Portrait taken in the garden in front of Rajwada, Indore. This senior person shared with me he spends his evening at this place often & he enjoys it.It was surprising to see someone having sound sleep in the chaos. But I guess he must have worked hard.Hanging lamps in a restuarant.The famous fast food in the Indore city known as Kachori & Samosa.  Photograph taken of a street seller on bicycle.Closeup of a street shop seeling pants.Closeup of bangles of  astreet shopper lady.A partial view of various elements reflected in mirrors.